Meet Abe

DSC_2402.jpgI was born on a farm in Oklahoma, grew up in Arkansas, went to university in Washington DC, lived in 4 different countries, and now I'm a proud resident of Lincoln Street in Sugar House. My wife, Kim, and I are the parents of two daughters: Madison and Scarlett. I earned a degree in International Business from Georgetown University and have worked as an executive in the telecom industry for the last 15 years. I'm currently a technology strategist for the LDS Church. We used to travel around the world, and now we love traveling to wherever our girls have their next soccer game!

The experiences I've had managing business around the world will help me be a great City Council representative.  Those experiences have helped me to become a:

  • Proven Leader: As an executive in the telecom industry and on the boards of non-profits, I've used leadership skills to be successful in difficult situations.
  • Experienced Communicator: As a technology strategist, I focus on ways to use technology more effectively as a communication tool. I understand how the internet has opened up new communication channels to distribute important information and receive input.
  • Unifier: My international work experience has taught me how to bring together diverse groups of people working towards a common goal.

As your representative I promise to:

  • Work hard to understand the issues from multiple points of view
  • Be transparent and communicate frequently with constituents
  • Seek input of all Sugar House residents prior to voting on an issue - sometimes it is the softest voices who are affected the most.
  • Make decisions for the good of all Sugar House - We are a neighborhood, everyone's interests matter.