Why I am running.

Several weeks ago, I was at lunch with a friend. I admit, I was complaining.  I was complaining about politicians that cause divisions by focusing only on their supporters' concerns.  I was complaining about how the loudest voices seem to dominate conversations.  I was complaining about decisions that seemed to be made with minimal community input. I was complaining about the crime in our neighborhoods, the plight of the homeless, and the crumbling roads and streets.

Later that week, I happened across a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that I've read many times - "It is not the critic who counts"

That quote moved me to stop being a critic and start trying to be a problem solver. I put my hand up to try and make sure that we keep folks on the City Council who are transparent, who can listen to all members of the community, and who can build neighborhood unity in solving neighborhood problems. 

I'm not a professional political operative.  But, I'm confident that my experience leading businesses, communicating with diverse groups of people, and unifying people around real solutions will help me be an effective representative on the City Council.

Over the next several weeks, I look forward to getting to know you. I look forward to listening to you about what problems are important to you, and the solutions you'd like to see. I'm committed to bringing neighborhood unity to solving these neighborhood problems.  I'm confident that together, we can solve these problems and that Sugar House will continue to be a great place to live and work!